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Product: FAQ-ArtForm400

FAQ ArtForm400

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Can I use my own True Type Fonts (TTF) for my designs?

Can I create a conditional design, which depends on the actual contents?

Can ArtForm400 dynamically pick up images from the IFS or even from another server?

Will I need an external consultant to change my designs?

What kind of barcodes can ArtForm400 generate?

What is the license terms of the designer and Swiftview?

What is the best tip to reduce the maintenance for overlay design?


Code page support


Does ArtForm400 support Unicode and DBCS (e.g. Chinese)?

Is the Unicode/DBCS output from ArtForm400 considerably larger than normal output?

Can I combine multiple Code pages in one document?




How can I setup ArtForm400 to do automatic merges?

Can ArtForm400 split up an input spooled file for each document?

Can ArtForm400 alter the input spooled files and add information from a database?

Can ArtForm400 merge multiple input spooled file generated by different applications?




Can ArtForm400 send html emails with embedded images?

Is IBM SMTP used when ArtForm400 sends out emails?

How can I test ArtForm400 email functionality without actually sending out any email?

How can I send an email with ArtForm400?

How can I choose to email documents for a subset of our customers and print the rest?




Is ArtForm400 able to print in color?

What output print formats are supported by ArtForm400?

Which finishing print features does ArtForm400 support?

Do I need to setup Host Print Transform to use ArtForm400?


PDF Output


Is ArtForm400 able to print in color?

How large are the ArtForm400 PDF output files?

Can ArtForm400 generate advanced PDF output files?


Installation and prerequisites


Where is ArtForm400 installed?

Is any additional software required?

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