Product: Custom workflow of output from any ERP

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Product: Custom workflow of output from any ERP





The Workflow Manager is the heart of ArtFormNG. With the Workflow Manager you are able to set up rules for how to receive and manage data as well as specify output distribution.

The Workflow Manager enables you to convert an XML file into print, email, PDF archives, and more file types based on rules and conditions.

  • Input

  • Folder, Database, MessageQueue and Socket
  • Manipulation of XML and .txt/.CSV input
  • Condition on input method, XML file attributes and contents
  • Split, sort, group XML
  • Enrich - DB look up
  • Full language support DBCS/Unicode
  • Consolidate multiple XML files
  • Concat, Scheduling, Calculations
  • Much more
  • Output

  • Merge with conditioned templates (subtemplates)
  • Trigger multiple functions from single XML files
  • Activate multiple output formats in one workflow
  • Combined print, email, pdf, archive function
  • Scripting and interfacing with other applications
  • Webserver communication
  • Output scheduling
  • Advanced printer finishing (Stapling, drawer, output bin support)
  • Stylesheet support


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