Product: 2017 Release

InterForm NG

Product: 2017 Release

We are pleased to announce the 2017 product releases of ArtForm400 and ArtFormNG!


Our developers has called this year's release for the biggest we have done in the last 10 years! - This counters both ArtForm400 and ArtFormNG.
Almost 90% of the new releases is based on our customer survey, or on feedback collected from our partners and customers. In total, we present more than 100 new features between our products.

View all of the new 2017 features here:


As in previous years, the interest for the new product versions has been very high for this year also, where hundreds of business partners and customers are participating in online presentations to the new releases during April and May 2017.

You can register for one of the presentations by scrolling to the bottom of the page. Meanwhile you might be inspired.
- Or make a quick registration here.


A complete overview and great help


With the 2017 version we introduce our new log in ArtFormNG. The log is a significant addition that makes working and managing ArtFormNG much easier.
Log features:

  • A list of all jobs and actions
  • Label each job as you prefer e.g. invoices by invoice number
  • Search the log for specific content e.g. a specific email address
  • Get an email on every warning or error
  • Access the log manually or via a webservice
  • Easy way to export the log

New rotation behavior


For our ArtForm400 users whom are rotating content, the new 2017 release will be a huge improvement. We are now introducing a brand new rotation principle (similar to ArtFormNG), making the not so trivial rotation of barcode labels and other documents much more intuitive and easy.


Connect easier with ArtFormNG


We have replaced the network socket with a WebService, increasing the functionality and standardizing the use. You are able to connect with the webservice using standard HTTP post and get.

We also increased the Message Queue support now also support WebsPhere MQ.


Improved printing options


In ArtFormNG we have added the following new features and improvements for printing.

  • Support for remote printing via LPD & IPP
  • Extended ZPL support
  • InterMec support via Direct Protocol
  • Print to any printer on Windows and Linux


FTP support


Similar to ArtForm400, ArtFormNG is now able to output to FTP. Create your output in the form you like and distribute to one or more FTP accounts.


Improved PDF support


In ArtForm400 we managed to reduce the file size of UNICODE compressed PDF files by up to 15%. This leaves you with the same quality using less resources. Additionally we have also increased the PDF file size limit from 2GB to impressive 10GB.

You are now able to merge more PDF files into just one file using AdvancedPDF400. The same functionality has been added to AdvancedPDF for ArtFormNG.


RFID GEN 2 support


With the new release of ArtForm400, we upgrade our RFID support to EPC 2 or GEN 2.


Graphical Email log


It is now possible to view the ArtForm400 email log in a complete new graphical interface

Other improvements


  • C40 support for Datamatrix
  • On Error features
  • New function library
  • Set metadata in PDF
  • Designer improvements
  • Help messages in Web Interface
  • Improve substringing
  • Much much more

Register for the InterForm 2017 release


We hosted sessions from the 09th to the 11th of May 2017.

Do you want to see a recorded version? Contact us here


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